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Grill Accessories

Everything you need to grill with ease including grill accessories from Grill Zone!

Grill Zone Grilling Claws

Grilling Claws

Quick and easy way to shred pork, beef & chicken. Firmly holds meats while lifting or carving. TV188073



Fusion Grilling TopperNon-Stick Fusion Grilling Topper

Perfect for vegetables, stir fry, seafood & all combinations. 3 highsided walls for wok
feature. 12″ x 15″ x 2.5″. TV188039



Grill Zone Double Burger PressDouble Burger Press

Uniform shape promotes even cooking. Use with all ground meats. TV188044



Wood Chip Smoker BoxWood Chip Smoker Box

Converts your grill into a gourmet smoker. Simply place presoaked wood chips into the stainless steel box. TV188053