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Grill Accessories

Everything you need to grill with ease including grill accessories from Grill Zone!

The Original Charcoal Briquets

2-Pk. 16.7-Lb. TV190300

Grill Zone Grilling Claws

Grilling Claws

Quick and easy way to shred pork, beef & chicken. Firmly holds meats while lifting or carving. TV188073


Fusion Grilling TopperNon-Stick Fusion Grilling Topper

Perfect for vegetables, stir fry, seafood & all combinations. 3 highsided walls for wok feature. 12″ x 15″ x 2.5″. TV188039


Wood Chip Smoker BoxWood Chip Smoker Box

Converts your grill into a gourmet smoker. Simply place presoaked wood chips into the stainless steel box. TV188053

Grill Zone Double Burger PressDouble Burger Press

Uniform shape promotes even cooking. Use with all ground meats. TV188044