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6-In-1 Opener TV667733


For Jars/Lids, Stainless Steel/Santoprene.
6 in 1 multi opener, opens 6 different types of seals & lids, stainless steel with santoprene handle.

Size: 5.5 in x 2.5 in; Color: Black Red; Main Material: Rubber & Stainless Steel

  • Most effective multi-function opener: open plastic bottles, sticky metal jar lids, pull open beer & can tabs, pop-off bottle caps, slice and cut through bags
  • Ergonomic design without hurting hands or using too much strength. Easy and non-slip grip handle great for children, elderly and arthritis sufferers
  • Multi-functional, durable, light weight are our designing focus. It works with many sizes of bottle caps
  • Soft grip coating for comfort during use, narrow top circle opens water and soda bottles. Larger bottom circle used for jar opener, metal bottle caps opener with comfortable grip
  • New design with durability, functionality and light weight in mind. Its weight is only 3.7 oz. One of the lightest multi-function opener on the market
  • Package includes 1 opener in a poly bag


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