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Armor All Foaming Liquid Car Wash, 64-Fl. oz. Bottle


Armor All Car Wash is formulated especially for your vehicle’s finish. This thick, foaming car wash soap is powerful enough to lift away the toughest dirt and road grime, yet gentle enough that it won’t strip the protective wax coating from your vehicle. Armor All liquid car wash is clean rinsing to produce spot free, streak free results every time. For stubborn soils like bugs and tar, pour some undiluted foam wash directly on the spot and let it soak. After washing, rinse your vehicle thoroughly and dry immediately. Safe for all vehicle surfaces, this auto wash is the perfect addition to your car cleaning supplies, whether you’re washing your motorcycle, RV, classic car or daily ride.
  • One 64 fl oz bottle of Armor All Car Wash Concentrate
  • Car soap with powerful cleaners that lift away dirt and road grime
  • Specially formulated auto cleaner won’t strip wax
  • Clean rinsing car foam soap that produces spot free, streak free results
  • Car cleaner that’s safe for all vehicle surfaces, including clear coat