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Burley Lavender Bird Bath Set 122030


  • Lavender symbolizes devotion and loyalty and is valued for its many medicinal, cosmetic, culinary and household uses. This design was created to celebrate the love for lavender that we all share, showcasing the delicate stems and tiny purple flowers.Burley is best known for our unique hand painted birdbaths and planters.

    100% handcrafted with rich clay deposits in Roseville, Ohio. Burley is the last American Made pottery factory around. We still make pottery using the lost art of Jiggering and some of our jiggermen go back generations. All hand-painted planters and birdbaths are signed by the artist who paints them, making each one unique and personal. Top: 16.5”d x 3.5”h 
    Pedestal: 19”h : 4″d(top) & 10.25″d(base)
    Weight: 13lbs / 16lbs

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