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Burley Blossom Bird Bath Set 122940


  • Almost too pretty to put outside, these short little birdbaths are one of a kind. Tall birdbaths have one disadvantage, being tall; the tops can fall off and break so easily. Blossom Birdbaths only stand 7” off the ground, even if the top gets knocked over by a passing animal, small child or husband on a mower, it’s not going very far. The tops are intricately designed on top and bottom to look like a beautiful flower. The top paired with a macramé plant hanger, makes an eye-catching planter for indoor air plants. For single Blossom tops, check out the replacement top section! 

    Blossom Birdbaths are 100% American Made. Handcrafted with Ohio clay and available in bold bright colors. Burley is the last American made pottery factory around, we use the lost art of Jiggering as well as a hydraulic press to create some of the most unique and beautiful pottery.  
    Set: 16”d x 10.5”h
    Top Only: 16”h x 3”h / 7lbs
    Weight: 14lbs

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