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Burley Tree of Life Birdbath Set 123940


Our artist Pam Ballard hand carved the Tree of Life motif for this collection. The Tree of Life symbol is from ancient times and is still so popular today. Our Tree of Life birdbaths got a new look this year using our glazes that break and highlight the design. With Burley’s uniquely made colors, these birdbaths are sure to impress. The rims of the birdbath are fettled for natural textured grip for the birds.

*Mosaic Turquoise glaze will vary between lighter and darker with varying glaze patterns. The range of this color is due to several factors, how the glaze is mixed, sprayed, what kiln it is on, and temperature fired at. Through tedious testing we have found a good combination, but that doesn’t mean the glaze wont throw us a curve ball every once in a while. This just makes every piece unique and one of a kind!

Burley is best known for our unique hand painted birdbaths and planters. This birdbath is 100% handcrafted with rich clay deposits in Roseville, Ohio. Burley is the last American Made pottery factory around. We still make pottery using the lost art of Jiggering and some of our jiggermen go back generations. 

Top: 18.5”d x 3.5”h 
Pedestal: 14.25”h : 7.5″d(top) & 11″d(base)
Weight: 14lbs / 16lbs

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