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Techo-Bloc Mini-Creta Pillar 6 inch

Crafted with the appeal of aged and tumbled stone and soft rounded edges, Pillar can be used at the entrance of a driveway, walkway, or patio.

Techo-Bloc’s most versatile wall stone. Mini-Creta boasts an aged finish on both sides of the block, making it perfect for a freestanding wall around your patio, or as a partition between multi-leveled areas of your landscape. It is also a popular choice for freestanding hardscape features such as water and fire features, bars, grill islands, etc. Any way you look at it, Mini-Creta is a beautiful stone. Mini-Creta is also available as a Pillar Kit. Mini-Creta is part of the dry cast collection.

Stocked colors:
Shale Grey, Champlain Grey, Sandalwood

Available for order:

Chocolate Brown, Chestnut Brown, Onyx Black