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Alaskan Cedar Decking

Benson Lumber stocks Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking in 5/4” x 6”. Known for its durability, easy workability and resistance to insects and rot, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is ideally suited for almost any outdoor or indoor project, including decks, stairs, patio covers, trim, paneling, and more. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is light yellow or white in color. The grain on AYC is usually straight and has a uniform medium to fine texture, with the straight grain helping to make this an easy wood to work with. This species lasts longer, stands up to the elements, and is harder than most commercial softwoods, making it an ideal choice when strength and workability are desired.

Available board lengths:
8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16, 18′ 20′

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