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Santa Sleigh Tree Topper

TV252113 REG. $62.59

Now $31.29

Mr. Christmas

Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox

TV252105 REG. $54.99
Now $27.49


LED Holiday Tree Lot

TV208815 REG. $30.99
Now $15.49


Holy Gazebo Scene

TV208816 REG. $30.99
Now $15.49

Mr. Christmas

Christmas Decoration

TV252694 REG. $38.99

Now $19.49

Mr. Christmas

Animated Santa Kicker

TV252111 REG. $38.99

Now $19.49

Paw Patrol Musical Snow Globe

TV252111 REG. $18.99

Now $9.49

Mr. Christmas

Christmas Tree Topper

Sold Out

Christmas Tree Stand, Green Plastic, 21.6-In.

12622321.65″, green, plastic tree stand, plastic tree stand, 5 eye bolt, .75 gallon water capacity. Holds 10′ tree, 21.85″ base, green plastic with steel spike base plate, spill catcher edge. TV126223 $29.99

Christmas Tree Stand, 4-Leg Steel, Holds 5.5-In. Trunk Diameter, 27-In Base


Features top-quality, powder-coated steel construction. Ideal for trees with a maximum 8′ height and 5.5″ trunk diameter. 14″ pan with 1.25-gallon water capacity. 4 legs. Red and green. TV288308 $36.99

Christmas Tree Stand, Red & Green Steel, 4-1/2-In. Trunk Diameter


Ideal for Christmas trees up to 7′ tall with a 4.5″ trunk diameter. Top-quality steel construction. 11.75″ pan with 2.4 qt. Water capacity. 4 legs. Powder-coated red and green finish. Ideal for trees up to 7′ tall with 4.5″ trunk diameter. TV462820 $25.99

Holiday Wonderland Christmas Candle, Battery-Operated, Clear Flame, White/Brass, 9-In.


Requires 2 “aa” batteries, not included. 9″ height. TV526764 $4.74


Christmas Lights Set, Clear, C7, 25-Ct.

TV #790352 $21.99 Now $7.99

Christmas Vacation Net Light Set
Commercial Grade, Warm White LED, 100-Ct.,Griswold Approved

TV209211 Reg: $39.99 Now $21.99 

TV209208, Reg: $24.99 Now $12.49

TV209209 Reg: $39.99 Now $34.99 


TV195609, TV195608 (Red/Green)

Set $16.99 Now $8.49


100 ct LED Light 

TV195553 Green,

$14.99 Now $7.49

25CT WW C7 LGT Set $9.99







Reg $17.99 Now $7.99


C6 Lights Warm White

TV195564 Reg $15.99

Sale $8.99

Holiday Wonderland LED Christmas Light Set, C5 Warm White, Faceted Pearl Glass, 50-Ct.


Holiday wonderland, 50 light, warm white, led faceted pearl glass c5 set, green wire, 12″ lead, 4″ spacing, 4″ end, 16.33ft total length, indoor/outdoor. TV209218 $14.99 Now $7.49

Holiday Wonderland Christmas LED Light Set, Mini, Warm White, 50-Ct.


Holiday wonderland, 50 count, warm white, led traditional mini bulb light set, green wire, 3″ spacing, 12″ lead, 4″ end, 12.25′ lighted length, 13.6′ total length. TV195542 $9.99

Holiday Wonderland Christmas LED Light Set, C7, Multi Transparent, 25-Ct.


Holiday wonderland, 25 count, multi, c7, transparent, glass look, led light set, green wire, 6″ lead, 8″ spacing, 6″ end, 16′ lighted length, 17′ total length, can connect up to 87 sets. TV195516 $17.99 Now $7.99

Holiday Wonderland  Christmas LED Light Set, C9, Multi Ceramic, 25-Ct.


Holiday wonderland, 25 count, multi ceramic, c9, glass look led light set, green wire, 6″ lead, 8″ spacing, 6″ end, 16′ lighted length, 17′ total length. TV195519 $16.49 Now $8.24

Mini LED Light Reels


A real big deal on mini lights on a reel. Brighten your house with 200 multi-color or cool or warm white mini lights. 51-ft. total length.
TV195541 $26.99
TV195539 Cool White $26.99 Now $20.99

Holiday Wonderland Christmas LED Icicle Lights Set, Micro, Twinkling Warm White, 105-Ct.


Holiday wonderland, 105 count, warm white, led twinkling micro, icicle lights set, white wire, 3″ bulb spacing, 5″ drop line spacing, 6′ lighted length, 7.5′ total length. TV150681, TV150682, TV150683, TV150684 Reg. $30.99 Now $13.99

Holiday Wonderland

LED Icicle Lights, Warm White, 105-Ct.



Holiday Wonderland 105ct LED C3 Warm White Icicle Light Set. 18″ lead, 5″ between bulbs on drop, 3″ bulb spacing,3″ end, White Wire. 19 strands, Configured (7x4x6x7x4x6x7x4x5..)Color Box. UL Listed. Non-Twinkle TV150664, TV150665, TV150666 $19.99 Now $9.99